Black & White Thumbprint Cookies

Chocolate Thumpbrint Cookies are my mom’s favorite cookie! …which is saying a lot because she loves cookies; they’re her favorite dessert!! I really love these treats as a cute treat to serve; they are such a classic cookie that everyone enjoys! (My summer school class loved them too!) I baked the cookies until they were soft and cakey with just a little crunch and then filled them with a rich chocolate ganache. It’s such a great combo! Enjoy!!

Recipe: Chocolate Thumbprints

***NOTE: Instead of using the chocolate ganache to fill the cookies, I recommend using Hershey’s Kisses for super cute and festive cookies!

16 thoughts on “Black & White Thumbprint Cookies

      • Hi,Cute and original, I love these and will detfniiely give them a go!And this is probably random, useless information for you, but I noticed you used the word kiwi’ when you were talking about some fruit that you had. I don’t know if you realised..but a kiwi is actually a flightless bird from NZ and is also the colloquial term for someone who lives in, or is from NZ. The correct name for the fruit you’re referring to is actually kiwifruit (all one word). Most people in the Northern hemisphere don’t realise this though and I suspect they’re probably marketed and sold as Kiwi’s.I think they’re called kiwifruit because a lot of them are grown here in NZ and we export them around the world . so to a Kiwi (as in, a New Zealander) when you refer to eating a Kiwi’ to us it sounds like you’re eating a human. Or a small flightless bird. Tee hee .Sorry to bang on about it, but once I got started I couldn’t stop myself!Angela

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