5-Layer Ferrero Rocher Nutella Dream Cake


Happy, happy birthday to my amazing sister! Because I bake for every holiday, birthday, or even just  Sunday night family dinners, my sister required that her birthday cake top them all. My first thought was an elaborate bright pink cake, but I had already covered that with my Pink Chocolate Ombre Cake, so I moved onto the next thought: a Ferrero Rocher layer cake! (Keep in mind that I had just tasted Nutella for the first time quite recently, so its decadent and addicting amazing-ness had just dug a special place in my heart! ) Nonetheless, this cake seemed like the perfect embodiment of all of my sister’s favorite things: chocolate, candy, and a little bit of crunch. At first, I had absolutely no idea how I would create and decorate this cake, but I ultimately based it off of the ferrero rocher candy: a rich, chocolate inside coated with a layer of (toasted) hazelnut crunch. Indeed, this sinful cake surpassed my vision! The cake was light, moist, and delicious (all must-haves!) and the “Nutella Cloud Frosting” certainly tasted like a dream! (Even as a non-frosting  eater, I found myself licking my fork!) Everyone absolutely loved the cake and needless to say, it was devoured off the plate! I even venture to say this this is one of my favorite sweets I’ve ever baked…the delicious taste made it incredible, but its fantastic design made it unforgettable!

Recipe: 1) Cake 2) FrostingIMG_4755 IMG_4761 IMG_4763

111 thoughts on “5-Layer Ferrero Rocher Nutella Dream Cake

  1. So amazing! I want to make this soon!
    If you have a moment, I’d love it if you checked out my blog. And I thought I was the only high school baking/cooking blogger out there…. :)
    Be sure to watch for my cinnamon roll recipe! They are crazy good.

  2. Oh wow. This looks incredible! I love the sound of the ‘Nutella cloud frosting’… such a fantastic name :) You’ve done a beautiful job with the presentation. I love anything chocolate hazelnut, so I can already tell that it’s just a matter of time before I make this cake! xx

    • I am unsure if they do this in your area, but in my Super Walmart I just went in and asked one of the bakrey ladies if they did special cakes. Luckily I talked to one of the girls that actually designs the cakes. I told her a week a head of time that I wanted a Stewie cake and she made it and still only charged me the normal amount for a cake. So you may actually need to talk to some one. Because even if they don’t have it in the book, they may still be able to make it if you give them enough notice.

  3. Lordy, lordy your cake is a visual masterpiece and I am imagining it right now, as a forkful enters my mouth and my taste buds are awoken to heavenly sensations. Yummm!!!! Thanks for the follow. You blow my amateurish baking away by miles. You are so talented! :)

    • Hello there,I made this cake yesterday (Valentine’s Day) and it was so tasty! My huansbd was all praising and I was all smug, lol. But I did cheat with the sauce; I used 1/2 cup cream and 1/2 of fat free milk. I used 1/2 cup of muscovado sugar and 1/2 cup of light brown sugar. As for the butter, I think I used probably 1-2 tablespoon. Then I simmer until the sauce thickened slightly. And we ate the cake with frozen yogurt. Thank you so very much for this yummy recipe.

    • This recipe looks like it fell down from hvaeen. Only, I gave up nutella for lent. It was between nutella and butter. And I decided that butter is a necessity in life. So, until then- I’ll have this bookmarked to make! I can only imagine how lovely this must taste. Oh gosh. I miss nutella!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping buy my blog! I’m new to blogging but I hope to have a whole heaps of recipes and more added shortly!! Weirdest thing ever, I actually came across your blog a few weeks ago before I started blogging and borrowed this recipe to make my sisters birthday cake!! It was an absolute hit so thank you so much for sharing!!

  5. Wow! This looks like a wonderful recipe. To be honest, since my marriage 23 years ago, the only cake my family ever makes from scratch on a regular basis has been the carrot cake. But this recipe makes me want to start baking more. Thank you so much for making this recipe available. And thank you also for posting so many beautiful photographs of your baking successes. The pictures alone make me want to try the recipes.

  6. This is the cake I’m making for my boyfriend on his birthday. His birthday is not until the 29th of September but when I opened this post I knew this was the one. I will report back when I make it! thank you for the recipe!

  7. This cake. My dream Cake. YUM YUM YUM!!!!!! Glad to have found you through Teenage Cakeland! I hope to try this soon, it looks fantastic!

  8. I LOVEEEE this cake!! I really want to make this cake but sadly the recipe isn’t detailed enough :(
    Do I have to put the cakes in the freezer once they are baked? and do I use the chocolate cloud frosting for in between the cake layers also? if so then how many batches of the chocolate cloud frosting recipe should I make?

    A reply would be hugely appreciated x

  9. I also am Interested in making this cake for an upcoming party. Are there any candies inside of the cake or frosting or just on top as a decoration?

  10. I just made the Ferrero Rocher cake for our Christmas lunch at work. It tasted amazing and there wasn’t a crumb left over. Thank you

  11. This looks incredible! I’m making it for my sisters birthday. Can you crush wafers and put them between the layers too for some more crunch? Or do you think they would go soft? Thanks :)

    • That sounds very interesting! I would give it a try, but used toasted nuts if you want to make sure the layers retain crunch. You can also try mini chocolate chips or honeycomb crumbs.

      • Thanks! The reason I want to stay at or below 1200 is becusae my nutritionist from a couple years ago told me that my daily caloric intake should be around 1500. But since I have very little to no real physical activity from day to day, I have to make up for it somehow. :X I’m thinking of downloading a bellydancing tutorial workout video to get burning, though. Haha.

  12. Hey. Loved the recipe, loved the image, love nutella and ferrero candies. The cake looks really beautiful and very smooth. I’ve been looking for a few recipes and I’ll make this one. I’ll only add crushed waffers mixed with hazelnuts so it can kinda match the cookie inside the ferrero. My biq question is, this recipe would be enough for what 10/12 slices? Keep up the good work and I’ll be waiting for your answer. I’ll make this next week for a b’day of 30 people!!!!

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