Red Velvet Cupcakes


Happy birthday, Paula Deen!! In honor of my most trusted and beloved recipe source, I made my favorite of her recipes–red velvet cupcakes. Surprisingly, out of all her buttery cakes and gooey chocolate bars, these cupcakes are her best dessert yet! (And as a very discriminating red velvet critic myself, that praise means a lot!) But although I am picky in finding the perfect red velvet cupcake, when the recipe is right, the flavor is fantastic because it gives you a touch of chocolate without the overly rich heaviness, and Paula’s deliciously moist cupcake recipe definitely passes the test! Paired with vanilla cream cheese frosting, they make such an incredible dessert, composed of a flavor combination that complements each other perfectly! The best part is that you can be creative with the cupcake designs; play with frosting tips, fill the cupcakes, or add sprinkles and decor! Enjoy!!

Recipe: Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (The recipe sounds a little strange, but its AMAZING!!)IMG_4423 IMG_1751IMG_4445

78 thoughts on “Red Velvet Cupcakes

      • – Thanks for being so honest Debbie!! I am enugarcoed to find my voice out there in blog land, and small business land. It can be overwhelming to look around at what others are doing, and compare myself with that. Yet it is their voice not mine. Stay true to YOUR voice! Thanks for the encouragement!!CindyMarch 9, 2012 8:26 am

  1. YES YES, SO MUCH YES. Paula Deen’s red velvet cupcakes are my go-to recipe. Seriously, no other recipe even compares.

    Love your blog—thanks for following mine! You have such delicious looking and creative desserts!

      • FUN!!!! I bet that was fun doing all that! I am a pink person to aouglthh I have used red at Christmas time but pink is MUCH prettier! lol I could just SEE my hubby if I decorated in all pink one Christmas! ;) I only have one red blouse that doesn’t get worn much at all and I have a red dress but it has large black flowers in it.

  2. I love red velvet cupcakes! It’s so hard to get them exactly right though, all light and fluffy. Different recipe from what I’m used to but it looks like you did a pretty amazing job though, I’m going to have to check out the rest of her recipes as well.

  3. Beautiful color on these–I’m loving the description as well! I’ve been craving that chocolate fix for a while now but can’t really justify whipping up a heavy choco treat, so these will be perfect (plus, February’s almost here!). Thanks for sharing!

    • That’s cool there no way there is to Trenda’s I have never heard of you.Iam 13 and I go to holdenville high/jr soochl. I had no idea that some else was named trenda. guess what the Trenda’s ARE COOL

  4. Its very strange n surprising but listen … I was just having a red velvet cupcake n was thinking that i need a good recipe for it.. N alongside i signed in my blog n got a notification from you. I came to your blog n the first post is —– wait for it —- RED VELVET CUPCAKES!!!!!
    Small world :)

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  6. Anything and everything Red Velvet is pure eating perfection. Thank you for visiting and following my blog – I’ll follow back :)

  7. We are a huge red velvet-loving family. This recipe looks amazing. I’m going to try it this weekend. Glad you liked my New Orleans Bananas Foster Bread Pudding recipe. :) DocEllen

    • I was so into pink I went thru twopink hnbgaads in a year wearing them everyday and I started a rosegarden and my first two plants werepink. Now, I like red, too. I put in a red and white rose- looks like peppermint candy. I still like pink but I wear a little red now and then.

  8. Wow! The thick layer of cream cheese frosting on that cupcake looks utterly amazing! I too am a huge fan of Red Velvet. I’ll have to try Paula Deen’s. Thanks for visiting!

      • *** OMG, are YOU ever blessed!!! WHAT AN ABSOLUTE ANGEL you have there, and that 3rd pic just made my heart feel EVEN WARMER, if that’s even POSSIBLE!!!! Ohhhhhh, soooo prioecus!!! I’m sooooo glad I stopped by!!!Best of blessings to those you already have,Linda in AZ *

  9. I have a very similar recipe but it offers nice hint of raspberry flavor to balance the chocolate with the use of raspberry-infused vodka. Keeps the cake very moist as well.

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