Oreo Recipe Roundup!

The-proper-way-to-eat-Oreo-Cookies-with-MilkHello! I’m finally back from my Spring Break vacation, so in order to make up for lost time, I’m back with an epic recipe roundup. I just found a video (below) celebrating Oreo’s 101th birthday–Oreo’s Birthday Extravaganza! In honor of this momentous event, the Internet complied hundreds of facts about this amazing cookie. Not only is Oreo the most popular cookie sold internationally, but it is also the oldest cookie (alongside Girl Scout Cookies)…And what’s even better than an Oreo itself? A dessert with Oreos in it! Therefore, check out some of my Oreo recipes below for some sweet inspiration! (Stay tuned for more recipes, with and without Oreos, coming soon!)

Oreo Ice Cream Cake


Slutty Brownies


Oreo Chocolate Layer Cake


Skinny Oreo Cookie Dough Cheesecakes (Guest Post)


38 thoughts on “Oreo Recipe Roundup!

  1. Yummmm… I’m drooling and craving oreos now!! I think the oreo ice cream cake at the top looks the most sinful and decadent. Maybe I’ll eventually try to make it myself. Once I eat an entire package of oreos first. ;]

      • Hi! These cookies aren’t too sweet from what i rbmemeer, particularly because they don’t have a sweet mix in like chocolate; its just the oreos.If I were you, I’d cut the brown sugar down to 3/4 cup, and the white sugar down to 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp. Then you’re pretty much almost down to 1 cup. Let me know how they turn out!

  2. Okay, I really have to leave a comment about this. All night i’ve been CRAVING Oreo cookies… like mad. I’ve done so many other things to get my mind off it. Then you ‘like’ our last post (Baileys French Toast), and I decide to check out your page for any new recipes- and BOOM. Oreo cookie roundup. The universe is definitely sending me a sign. Should’ve gotten those cookies…

    • Hi Natasha,I just stumbled acsors your blog looking for some weekend baking ideas and i think i just found my new go-to. Your recipes are amazing! I am super interested as to why you mention they are under-baked’ i tend to do this with most of my cookies as i LOOOOOOOVE chewy cookies more than i love my bed lol is this your reason as well? or is there a method to your madness you are willing to share?? my love for baking is more than most can handle so i’m so glad to have found your site. Thank you!!

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