Cookie Dough Blondie-Brownies

Summer School week 4: Brownies. Brownies are always a never-fail crowd pleaser! Although I keep getting requests to make my World’s Best Brownies for my physics class, I wanted to experiment with a new brownie recipe. Personally I LOVE blondie-type bars, like my M&M Cookie Bars, so I was so excited to find a Blondie-Brownie recipe that combines the best of both worlds; It’s a fudgy chocolate brownie on top with a layer of sweet blondie perfection on the bottom. These brownie bars were crowned “Best Brownie” by my class, and my mom swears they are are “to die for”!!! Enjoy!!

Recipe: Blondie-Brownies

16 thoughts on “Cookie Dough Blondie-Brownies

      • OMG this is so funny. I’m one of those people who goes for the mildde of the brownie pan. If there’s a whole pan of brownies and one square gone in the dead center of it, I would be the likely suspect.But yes perfect gifts. I can think of several. One was just before summer. A book was coming out that I desperately wanted. I bought it the second it released. Two days later I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. He handed me a wrapped present, a belated birthday gift. Without even opening it, I knew what it was. It’s lovely when friends know really know what you like. (And now I can gift the one I bought )

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