“Cookie Series”

I’m on a quest to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe! Follow along by testing the recipes below…

  1. Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip CookiesThe trademark image of my blog, these cookies hold a special place in my heart as my all-time favorite cookie recipe. Courtesy of Martha Stewart, these fantastic, no-fail cookies are famous for their browned butter, vanilla taste and tender chewiness that lasts for days.  img_3585
  2. Sally’s Chocolate Chip CookiesSally’s cookies are wonderfully soft and thick from the help of a secret ingredient. A famous recipe online and staple for all her chocolate chip, candy, and sprinkle cookies, this cookie dough is truly delectable and creates a delicious restaurant-style cookie.img_8543
  3. Coconut (Oil) Chocolate Chip CookiesThese slightly healthier cookies use coconut oil for an added sweetness and unique texture. They are deliciously cakey and thick, just like an amazing chocolate chip cookies should be!img_6932
  4. Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies: This Mrs. Fields secret “blue ribbon” recipes utilizes surprising techniques to create delicious cookies with soft, chewy centers and crisp edges. Real crowd-pleasers, these famous cookies  are not as sweet as the Martha Stewart recipe, more chewy than Sally’s Cookies, and as irresistibly mouth-watering as ever!IMG_8633
  5. Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies: These cookies are deliciously rich, soft, and chewy that use brown butter for a caramel, nutty flavor. Unbelievably beautiful as well, they rival my go-to Martha Stewart recipe as the “Cookie Series” winner.IMG_8689

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