Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Mission: Completed! All rejoice, for this Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe was an unbelievable success. I even daresay that my absolute favorite Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe has finally met its match! I had never used brown butter in a recipe before, but I knew that its rich caramel, nutty flavor was just what my cookie palette craved. Browning butter can be tricky, but I was amazingly overjoyed when this recipe turned out so beautifully, not to mention fulfilling my cookie “type” of having a soft, chewy, and buttery texture. The ultimate way to test a cookie’s true makeup is what I call the “second day test” because many cookies are soft and gooey right after baking, but only a superb cookie maintains its chewiness after a while. Clearly, these cookies did not disappoint and left me wanting to devour the entire plate. Perfection in a cookie, this recipe is phenomenally amazing, definitely a remake, and comes very, very, very close to my traditional standby. On my to-bake list is Jacques Torres’ New York Times Cookie recipe, which I hope will be as delicious as people claim! Until then, enjoy!!

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies


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