Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies


After two completely failed attempts to create “over the rainbow” St. Patrick Day cupcakes, I decided to stick with a good, old classic…with a slight twist. As you may know, I consider Chocolate Chip Cookies my specialty, so when I was on my recent Nutella kick, I had to try infusing my trusty cookie recipe (one that still tasted just as delicious when I accidentally added double the flour the recipe called for) with this chocolate hazelnut magic, aka a fantastic gift from the gods! Continue reading

5-Layer Ferrero Rocher Nutella Dream Cake


Happy, happy birthday to my amazing sister! Because I bake for every holiday, birthday, or even just  Sunday night family dinners, my sister required that her birthday cake top them all. My first thought was an elaborate bright pink cake, but I had already covered that with my Pink Chocolate Ombre Cake, so I moved onto the next thought: a Ferrero Rocher layer cake! (Keep in mind that I had just tasted Nutella for the first time quite recently, so its decadent and addicting amazing-ness had just dug a special place in my heart! ) Continue reading

Nutella Crepes


It’s Winter Break!!!! Yay! (Now finals will no longer mandate my 2-week break from posting recipes!) I don’t know what’s more exciting: 1) that I’m on vacation or 2) that yesterday was the first time I tried Nutella! My friend Gemma swears by this delicious chocolate topping as she eats it from the jar in spoonfuls, but for some reason I’ve never tasted it before…a surprise, considering my dessert obsession! Continue reading