Gooey Vanilla Cake Bars (St. Louis Style!)

Fun fact: this is my first post from an airplane! Although technology just frustrates me most of the time, I must admit that blogging from 35,000 feet above ground is pretty cool! On the way home from New York, my family and I are stopping in St. Louis, so I took it upon myself to explore its dessert attractions. I was certainly not disappointed, for although they might be best known for ribs and their Gateway Arch, my favorite one of their specialities is their St. Louis gooey butter cake! Traditionally, it consists of two layers of a dense, almost shortbread-like, cake that’s topped with a gooey vanilla sweetness, which gives the cake its famous name. But because I didn’t have cake mix on hand, here’s my adaption of St. Louis’ famous delicacy; its more of a vanilla cake blondie-bar! I love all soft and chewy desserts, so tasting these cake bars was like biting into a piece of heaven! Be careful with this recipe; its way to delicious to not eat the whole batch in a sitting! Enjoy!! 

Recipe: Gooey Bloondies

***NOTE: Here’s a fantastic recipe for the traditional St. Louis Butter Cake! (It uses yellow cake mix!)

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