Lemon Meringue Pie (or Tart)


When I started At350Degrees about a year ago, my grandpa bought me a flambe torch as a “housewarming” gift; its very first job: a gorgeous Lemon Meringue Pie. Originally, I made this pie for my second dessert post, but because I accidentally burned the meringue and the pictures weren’t quite up to par, I decided to remake it. And this time around, the pie had to be great. I used this outstanding recipe with a creamy lemon filling and luscious whipped cream-like meringue. Continue reading

Cloud Nine Coconut Pecan Pie (GUEST POST!)


I’ve teamed up with Dru, a fellow high schooler, from Teenage Cakeland to bring you two guest posts (one on my blog, the other on hers)! You’ll soon discover that we are pretty similar bakers, so please visit her fantastic blog for more posts and check out her recipe below for this delicious Cloud Nine Coconut Pecan Pie! Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving quotation: “Produce great pumpkins, the pies will follow later.” -Anonymous

Well, I guess the pies did follow; since the Pilgrims gave us pumpkins, it was surely just inevitable that we made pies! (But, a true history buff knows that pumpkins were really just part of the traditional diet of Squanto and his tribe!) This is the first Thanksgiving that I am not home to celebrate (and bake!) because I am visiting my grandmother in Argentina, so our usual Thanksgiving dinner crowd will be missing out on our monstrous spread of food, and of course the desserts! Continue reading