Cinnamon Sugar Mandel Bread (Almond Biscotti)


In celebration of Jewish New Year this month, I went back to the basics to make traditional cinnamon sugar mandel bread (aka mandelbrot).  Every year, I would eagerly wait for my cousin in Chicago to send them to us in the mail, reserving a whole bag just for myself! A few years later, I tried baking these cookies myself, and I realized how similar they are to an Italian biscotti in flavor, texture, and recipe. So, if you liked my previous Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti or Double Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti posts, this is the recipe for you! Continue reading

Linzer Cookies


Happy belated Mothers’ Day, everyone! Just like some people like salty or sweet, chocolate or vanilla, my mom LOVES cookies! But, this is not just any cookie recipe, it’s my mom’s favorite cookie recipe: Linzer cookies! These cookies always remind me of traditional bakery cookies packaged in those special pink boxes, especially sprinkled with a pound of powdered sugar. Continue reading

BEST Snickerdoodle Cookies

The cookie monster is correct to believe that “A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand”! But, as my Chocolate Chip Cookies have become my baking “specialty”, I have also become a very discriminating cookie aficionado; the perfect cookie must be soft, sweet, and chewy, melting in your mouth upon first bite. And, since cookies are both my mom’s and my best friend’s dessert of choice, I’ve made quite a lot of cookies in my years. Especially on a day like today, while I’m sick in bed with a red-like-Rudolph nose, a warm cookie from the oven and a tall glass of ice cold milk sound absolutely A-MAZING! Whoever claimed that Oreos are milk’s favorite cookie certainly hasn’t tasted these outstanding snickerdoodle cookies! The cookie is unbelievably soft, yet cakey ,and the cinnamon sugar coating adds such a delightful fall-time warmth! These snickerdoodles are heaven in a cookie, and interestingly enough, the origin of their arbitrary name remains a mystery to this day! Enjoy!!!

Recipe: Perfect Snickerdoodle Cookies

***NOTE: To form a perfectly round, bakery-style cookie, I use a mini ice cream scooper to portion and shape the cookie dough.


Sugar Sprinkle Cookies (Updated)


Although I love baking all types of desserts, I am famous for my cookie recipes: chocolate chip, sprinkle, sugar, you name it! At least once a week I bake a dessert to bring to school; these cookies (and the chocolate chip cookies) are by far the crowd favorite! Even though I usually don’t like to use Martha Stewart’s cake and other dessert recipes, this cookie recipe is unbeatable!

RecipeSoft and Chewy Cookies

For sugar coating: Prepare cookie dough (without the chocolate chips), cover, and refrigerate for about 5-10 min. Using a small ice cream scooper (or a spoon, etc..), scoop the dough and gently roll in the sugar to coat the outside. Bake as normal.

****NOTE: I use extra vanilla, extra brown sugar, and less salt than the recipe calls for. I also use this recipe for any type of cookie (and even blondies/bars!…recipe coming soon!!)

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