Pumpkin Recipe Roundup

candy-corn-pumpkinsIt’s almost Thanksgiving! (AKA time to stuff yourselves until your pants can’t button anymore…) Personally, I’d rather pass on all the traditional dishes and head straight for dessert, so here are a few of my favorite pumpkin recipes to make for you and your family to enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Continue reading

Memorial Day BBQ Recipe Roundup!

flag cookie

Happy (early) Memorial Day! Tomorrow we remember the men and women who gave up their lives while fighting for our safety. Our barbecues celebrate and honor their lives, but while most people are concerned with deciding between hot dogs or hamburgers, I choose dessert! Other than Twinkies and s’mores, what could be more American than Apple Pie…or at least just pie?! Therefore, here are some American pie classics to serve tomorrow at BBQ’s of your own! Enjoy! Continue reading

Oreo Recipe Roundup!

The-proper-way-to-eat-Oreo-Cookies-with-MilkHello! I’m finally back from my Spring Break vacation, so in order to make up for lost time, I’m back with an epic recipe roundup. I just found a video (below) celebrating Oreo’s 101th birthday–Oreo’s Birthday Extravaganza! In honor of this momentous event, the Internet complied hundreds of facts about this amazing cookie. Not only is Oreo the most popular cookie sold internationally, but it is also the oldest cookie (alongside Girl Scout Cookies)…And what’s even better than an Oreo itself? Continue reading