Baked Banana Bread Pudding (Skinny)

IMG_7006Today, I had to take a round of SAT Subject tests.  While it’s not the ideal way to start off the weekend, it is an excuse to eat an extraordinarily delicious breakfast!  So, I combined some of my favorite things–banana and french toast–for this AH-MAZING baked banana bread pudding. Continue reading

Banana Pudding Pie

Greetings from New York! I’m visiting the “big apple” for my  cousin’s wedding,  and on the way my family and I are continuing our college visits!  Today we met my friend who attends Columbia, a math-loving biochem major, and inspired my quotation of the day: Pi is an “irrational number.” [But] Pie is irrationally delicious, especially with ice cream.”-fakeapstylebook. Because I think we all rather receive a sweet slice of pie (aka a slice of heaven!)  than a trigonometric function worksheet, here’s an amazing Banana Pudding Pie recipe to enjoy! I initially wanted to bake an original Banana Cream pie with vanilla wafers and custard, but I sort of made up this version from the ingredients in my house. My sister’s favorite part, the crust, was soo especially sensational because I coated it with a layer of delicious chocolate that added a KitKat-like crunch! The vanilla and chocolate fillings made the pie even more flavorful and addicting! Even my friend who is a health nut and picky eater indulged in a slice of pie, which he absolutely loved… and so will you! Enjoy!!!

Recipe: banana cream pie

***NOTE: I love making pies because you can be completely creative without worrying about the typical baking rules. Like my Chocolate Pudding Pie, you can simply combine (instant)  pudding, cool whip, and any fillings  of choice to create an unbelievably easy dessert that everyone will love!

Chocolate Pudding Pie (QUICK & EASY!!)

Last night, when I should’ve been studying for a a physics test and completing hours of SAT prep, my sister informed me that I was signed up to make a home-made Chocolate Cream Pie for her class’ celebration of Pi Day! (Don’t ask me why their party is in the middle of summer instead of 3/14, actual Pi Day!) I had absolutely zero time to spare,  so I put together a super quick and easy Chololate Pudding Pie, a miraculous savior to any baker keeping a close eye on the clock!! This semi-homemade recipe could not be simpler; it’s just a graham cracker (or Oreo!) crust with a chocolate pudding filling. Topped with pretty cool whip rosettes and mini chocolate chips, no one will ever guess how easy this pie was to make! Enjoy!!!

Recipe: Cool Whip Chocolate Pudding Pie Recipe