Chocolate Ombre Layer Cake

Yet again, my sister desperately asked me to bake a cake for her school project. Her assignment was to create a business and her’s was a bakery, so of course she just needed to bring a cake to school the next day. She requested either a pink or chocolate cake, but she was certainly not expecting something as grand as this amazing ombre layer cake! I’ve always loved the ombre affect, but when it recently became popular in the baking world, the beautiful gradient layers always intimidated me, for they seemed so complicated! But, it was actually pretty simple! The amazing vanilla cake was light and fluffy–a must–and the frosting was a perfect chocolate-y flavor! Combine all of that with the amazing decoration, and this cake is truly incredible! Feast your eyes on this moist, rich, delectable cake and enjoy!!

Recipe: Pink Ombre Layer Cake

***NOTE: Please excuse my camera; the actual cake was colored gorgeous layers of pink, but for some annoying reason, they photographed as orange.