Celebration Whoopie Pies!

HAPPY SUMMER!!! It’s official; I have a life again! Time to enjoy s’mores, sandals, sunny afternoons, and more baking!!! Cheers to all the happy students–we finally made it! I brought these celebratory whoopie pies to school yesterday to welcome summer! This whoopie pie recipe is considerably easy (compared to others), and they take less than 10 minutes to bake! You can leave the whoopie pies plain or decorate them, but the rainbow sprinkles really make these special treats colorful and festive. Enjoy and happy baking!

***NOTE: Be careful when baking the cookies; the outside may not appear cooked because the top does not brown, but they will be soft and cakey.

Recipe (I combined two):   1) CookieWhoopie Pies  2) FillingChocolate Filling