Butter Pecan Rum Cake

butHoliday desserts are fun, but we all know that an old-fashioned bundt or coffee cake will always take the grand prize. Traditional desserts hold a precious place in my heart, especially ones like this delicious, Paula-Deen inspired Butter Rum Cake! From its moist, vanilla cake to its shiny glaze, this is the ultimate no-fail dessert!  Continue reading

Cloud Nine Coconut Pecan Pie (GUEST POST!)


I’ve teamed up with Dru, a fellow high schooler, from Teenage Cakeland to bring you two guest posts (one on my blog, the other on hers)! You’ll soon discover that we are pretty similar bakers, so please visit her fantastic blog for more posts and check out her recipe below for this delicious Cloud Nine Coconut Pecan Pie! Continue reading

Southern Pecan Pie

My dad crowned this Southern Pecan Pie “the best EVER“. It’s absolutely perfect: not too nutty and not overly sticky. Ice cream/whipped cream is definitely a must for this old-fashioned pie; place it in the fridge and it will  taste like a sweet, gooey maple ice-cream sundae! I must say, my family usually devours our Sunday night desserts, but this pie vanished before we even sat down for dinner! I guess the pie was pretty good! :)

Recipe: Southern Pecan Pie