Almond Peach Butter Cake

Butter, almonds, more butter, and peaches…This cake is DE-licious! As a thank you to my school’s new college counselor, who met with me during her first week on the job (and during the summer), I made her this fantastic French financier-like almond cake. I’m sure it was appreciated much more  than a thank you card! With it’s impeccable almond flavor,this cake is moist, light, and perfectly sweet for  summer. But here’s more: I used the peaches sitting in my kitchen to add a classic southern twist! ***(See below) (I’ve always loved the look of upside down cakes where the fruit is a beautiful ring of topping; it’s a gorgeous decoration!) This cake is really the best of both worlds; it’s a classic vanilla almond cake plus some southern country flair! All you need is a huge scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and a giant spoon to enjoy!

Recipe:  Moist Almond Cake

***NOTE: This cake can be made in various ways; the original recipe is a delicious almond cake that I just sprinkled almond slices on before baking. If you want to add peaches (or any other fruit), place the fruit slices on top of the cake before baking. (The peaches will sink to the bottom while baking, and you will see them when you flip the cake after cooled.)

Mom’s Peach Pie

Dear Mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :) Today my cousin and I spent 6 hours in the kitchen cooking a gourmet birthday feast in honor of my gorgeous and amazing mom! The dinner was tasty and delicious, and dessert was even better: fresh Peach Pie and chocolate covered strawberries! This pie the perfect birthday present: a sweet and gooey peach filling paired with the flakiest, most tender pie crust in the world! This homemade pie is so outstanding that  you will be licking your plates clean!! Enjoy!

Recipe: Lattice-top Peach Pie

***NOTE: This recipe is rather time consuming, but TOTALLY worth it. If you’re looking for a simpler peach dessert, I suggest Paula Deen’s Peach Tart. (It’s a peach tart–not a pie–but still a delicious peach dessert to try!)