Banana Crumb Muffins


If I’m talking about “a few of my favorite things”, I certainly cannot forget my fix of banana bread desserts! I’ve mentioned before that my favorite type of sweets are muffins and coffee cakes; they are always the tasters I take the most of at Trader Joe’s! Unfortunately this week marked the end of winter break, so I decided to bake some banana muffins for advisory to help ease back into the school routine. Continue reading

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins


What’s better that celebrating a day off of school than with a yummy, fresh-baked breakfast?! Simply whip up this super easy muffin recipe for a delicious breakfast treat that’s available to-go! Because our lemon trees were filled with lemons, I was inspired to  make a fresh batch of lemon poppyseed muffins with a lemon glaze. The sweet and tangly icing complements the muffins so perfectly, I will definitely be using this it for another citrus pastry/dessert!!

Recipe: Lemon Poppyseed Muffin

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Single Lady Blueberry Muffins (Healthy!)

Chocolate Covered Katie is quite possibly one my favorite food bloggers. EVER. She bakes healthy and guilt-free vegan desserts that still taste fantastic! I use the non-vegan versions, though, because I think they taste richer and more authentic. Because I absolutely love her baked oatmeals, I decided to try her “Single Lady Cupcakes” for an afternoon snack. Muffins are one of my favorite desserts, and I like blueberry muffins even more, so this recipe was my soulmate! The muffins are fluffy, delicious, and best of all low-cal! Enjoy!

***NOTE: You can put whatever you like in the muffins, or leave  them plain. Also, the recipe is designed to make one huge muffin, but I split it up into two medium sized ones instead.

Recipe: Single-Serving Blueberry Muffin

Chocolate Chip Muffins


Unfortunately, this week is Finals Week, one of the most stressful weeks of the year. But to cheer up  my stressed (and grumpy) friends, I brought a batch of freshly-baked brain food to school.What could cheer someone up better than a homemade chocolate chip muffins on a gloomy morning?! As I expected, the muffins were gone in seconds and they left people asking for a glass on milk on the side! Muffins are one of my favorite desserts, so I naturally devoured them in seconds; they were light, fluffy, and of course delicious! Enjoy! Continue reading