Chocolate Ganache Stout Cake


Surprise!…Here’s a full-sugar, chocolate-coated dessert to enjoy: an incredibly tall and delicious Chocolate Ganache Stout Cake! I recently started incorporating liquor in some of my desserts, like in a Butter Rum Cake (recipe coming soon!) and this very tasty chocolate cake. (Don’t worry–the alcohol cooks off.) Using stout in this cake adds a richer, deeper dimension to the chocolate without making it seem too heavy. Continue reading

Chocolate Cream Puffs (Profiteroles)

These sweet pastries remind me of my childhood when I absolutely adored all things creamy/custardy–cream puffs, eclairs, custard-filled doughnuts, you name it! For some reason I’ve always been intimidated by cream puffs; they just seemed so complex, so perfect and so French! But recently, I stumbled upon this surprisingly easy recipe and decided it was time to put my fear to rest; so here it is: homemade Chocolate Covered Cream Puffs!

Recipe: Simple and Easy Cream Puffs

**NOTE: Feel free to serve the cream puffs either chilled or frozen. I prefer frozen; they taste like sweet bundles of ice cream heaven! ALSO: For a low cal version, try using cool whip to fill the cream puffs instead of the creamy vanilla custard.

Reese’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

I don’t like cheesecake; well, so I thought. Last week I made this recipe thinking that I would not be tempted to eat the cake, but I was way wrong…I found myself licking the knife. Fortunately we had company staying with us, so the cheesecake was gone in seconds!

***NOTE: Make sure you refrigerate the cheesecake for at least 4 hrs before serving! (I chilled it overnight.) I didn’t have any Reese’s on hand, so I used a combination of milk chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips to top the ganache.

Recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake 



Boston Cream Pie



When my family and I visited the east coast, we just had to try an original Boston Cream Pie (make that 3 Boston Cream Pies), but the all of the cakes were disappointing! So of course, the second we arrived home, I was dying to make a Boston Cream Pie of my own.

Thankfully, the cake turned out great! The vanilla cake was spongy, not dry, and the ganache was so perfect that I use it for all of my desserts!! Enjoy!

Recipe: Boston Cream Pie