Chocolate Pudding Pie (QUICK & EASY!!)

Last night, when I should’ve been studying for a a physics test and completing hours of SAT prep, my sister informed me that I was signed up to make a home-made Chocolate Cream Pie for her class’ celebration of Pi Day! (Don’t ask me why their party is in the middle of summer instead of 3/14, actual Pi Day!) I had absolutely zero time to spare,  so I put together a super quick and easy Chololate Pudding Pie, a miraculous savior to any baker keeping a close eye on the clock!! This semi-homemade recipe could not be simpler; it’s just a graham cracker (or Oreo!) crust with a chocolate pudding filling. Topped with pretty cool whip rosettes and mini chocolate chips, no one will ever guess how easy this pie was to make! Enjoy!!!

Recipe: Cool Whip Chocolate Pudding Pie Recipe