Black & White Thumbprint Cookies

Chocolate Thumpbrint Cookies are my mom’s favorite cookie! …which is saying a lot because she loves cookies; they’re her favorite dessert!! I really love these treats as a cute treat to serve; they are such a classic cookie that everyone enjoys! (My summer school class loved them too!) I baked the cookies until they were soft and cakey with just a little crunch and then filled them with a rich chocolate ganache. It’s such a great combo! Enjoy!!

Recipe: Chocolate Thumbprints

***NOTE: Instead of using the chocolate ganache to fill the cookies, I recommend using Hershey’s Kisses for super cute and festive cookies!

Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (TOP-SECRET!)



Anyone who has met me knows that I am famous for my AMAZING chocolate chip cookies! I usually bring them to school in a giant bakery box, and each time the box keeps getting bigger and bigger! They are my #1 requested recipe by far; these cookies are definitely the favorite for a reason!! The cookies are chewy, buttery masterpieces of pure perfection; a single bite is never enough! Make this recipe once, and you will never ever want to try a different cookie recipe again! (I haven’t!) These cookies are sooooo delicious, you’ll be licking your plate clean! Enjoy!!!!

Recipe: Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

***NOTE: I always like to add a little extra vanilla extract and extra brown sugar for a sweeter, chewier cookie! Make sure your butter is soft and at room temperature (I usually just defrost it in the microwave); this also gives the cookies their famous soft and chewy texture!


Oreo Chocolate Layer Cake


I’ve discovered heaven… in cake form. Words cannot describe this perfect masterpiece of rich chocolate, timelessly fantastic oreos, and all things of sweet goodness! (And please note: I am a  very discriminating critic.) The chocolate cake is light and fluffy, the cookies and cream whipped filling is sweet beyond perfection, and the frosting is the perfect flavor and consistency; what more could one ask for?!? When I made this cake for family dinner last night (the recipe had been sitting on my baking shelf forever!), not to my surprise, the cake was an unbelievable hit! This cake should be on everyone’s baking “bucket list”– it’s a must bake (or a must eat!) for all!!!

Recipe: Chocolate Oreo Cake

***NOTE: I tripled the amount of the whipped cream filling between the two cake layers. Also, in order to frost the cake easier, I used an extra 1/4 cup (a little less than) of powdered sugar in the frosting for a thicker, more spreadable consistency.

IMG_3920 IMG_3932 IMG_3925

AMAZING M&M Cookie Bars (Updated)

These M&M Cookie Bars are heavenly. They are like sweet, chewy, buttery cookies in bar form, just begging to be devoured. Because I LOVE Martha Stewart’s chewy chocolate chip cookies SO much, I wanted to try out  these amazingly delicious blondie cookie bars. Feel free to add your own toppings! (Try out using M&M’s, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, nuts, candy pieces, or even plain!) Don’t blink; these bars will be gone within seconds…they are a crowd (and personal!) favorite!!!

Recipe (for the dough)Soft and Chewy Cookies (See directions  below…)

Make cookie dough as directed. Place dough in pirex (spray with baking pam) and bake until the dough becomes shiny and slightly firm (about 7-10 minutes). Sprinkle M&M’s over dough (or chocolate chips, etc…) and bake until brown. The dough should appear firm and cooked, but a toothpick should NOT come out totally dry (about 25-30 min). DO NOT OVER BAKE because the bars will solidify!!! Again, DO. NOT. OVER. BAKE. Take out the bars and let the dough sit to cool. Cut into bars and pour yourself a tall glass of milk. Enjoy!!!

Celebration Whoopie Pies!

HAPPY SUMMER!!! It’s official; I have a life again! Time to enjoy s’mores, sandals, sunny afternoons, and more baking!!! Cheers to all the happy students–we finally made it! I brought these celebratory whoopie pies to school yesterday to welcome summer! This whoopie pie recipe is considerably easy (compared to others), and they take less than 10 minutes to bake! You can leave the whoopie pies plain or decorate them, but the rainbow sprinkles really make these special treats colorful and festive. Enjoy and happy baking!

***NOTE: Be careful when baking the cookies; the outside may not appear cooked because the top does not brown, but they will be soft and cakey.

Recipe (I combined two):   1) CookieWhoopie Pies  2) FillingChocolate Filling 

AMAZING M&M Cookies (Updated)


I’m in love.…with Martha Stewart’s absolutely delicious chewy cookie recipe! LOVE! These heavenly cookies are SO addicting, that I refuse to bake any other cookie recipe. Let’s face it: they are simply the best.

***NOTE: I add extra vanilla, extra brown sugar, and less salt. You can literally use this cookie dough for any type of cookie (I’ve used it for chocolate chip cookies, sprinkle cookies, sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, etc..)

Recipe: Soft and Chewy Cookies (Substitute the chocolate chip for M&M’s)




Sugar Sprinkle Cookies (Updated)


Although I love baking all types of desserts, I am famous for my cookie recipes: chocolate chip, sprinkle, sugar, you name it! At least once a week I bake a dessert to bring to school; these cookies (and the chocolate chip cookies) are by far the crowd favorite! Even though I usually don’t like to use Martha Stewart’s cake and other dessert recipes, this cookie recipe is unbeatable!

RecipeSoft and Chewy Cookies

For sugar coating: Prepare cookie dough (without the chocolate chips), cover, and refrigerate for about 5-10 min. Using a small ice cream scooper (or a spoon, etc..), scoop the dough and gently roll in the sugar to coat the outside. Bake as normal.

****NOTE: I use extra vanilla, extra brown sugar, and less salt than the recipe calls for. I also use this recipe for any type of cookie (and even blondies/bars!…recipe coming soon!!)

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