Cinnamon Toast

IMG_8401My favorite part of winter break is waking up late to enjoy leisurely breakfasts, my all-time favorite meal! I  love eating breakfast foods at all times of the day, so naturally I was attracted to this delectable Cinnamon Toast recipe that I found recently. Because there’s no better time for a midnight snack than between writing an endless amount of college essays, this sweet treat tasted especially delicious! Continue reading

Cinnamon Sugar Mandel Bread (Almond Biscotti)


In celebration of Jewish New Year this month, I went back to the basics to make traditional cinnamon sugar mandel bread (aka mandelbrot).  Every year, I would eagerly wait for my cousin in Chicago to send them to us in the mail, reserving a whole bag just for myself! A few years later, I tried baking these cookies myself, and I realized how similar they are to an Italian biscotti in flavor, texture, and recipe. So, if you liked my previous Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti or Double Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti posts, this is the recipe for you! Continue reading

Cinnamon Streusel Pancakes


In one of my latest posts, Almond Joy Baked Oatmeal, I promised to feature more healthy and nutritious dessert recipes, so this afternoon I tried making a paleo pumpkin cookie recipe. Fortunately, they were wheat and dairy free; unfortunately, you could definitely tell. And because nothing is more disappointing that a less than tasty dessert, I had to try these cinnamon streusel pancakes to uplift my dejected taste buds. Continue reading

Cinnamon Rolls (Guest Post)

I’m happy to introduce Arianna from The After School Chef, a fellow high school baker and blogger! Along with our love of baking, Arianna and I share many things like being vegetarian, loving exercise, and many other traits. Please visit her amazing blog for more recipes and beautiful pictures!

img_7223 Continue reading

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

Happy Sunday! Today it really feels like fall day perfect for cuddling up with a knit blanket and a  mug filled with your favorite drink! At home, I almost always have a tea in hand, but I love making special beverages because they are so fun to decorate! When I was little, I would pretend to be a barista for family and friends, garnishing Sprite and Coca Cola glasses with lemon wedges and sugar rims. So, Im incredibly EXCITED to announce two new changes to at350degrees: 1) I will be adding polls to my posts so that you can vote on which dessert you would like to see next! AND 2) I am adding a drinks category to my recipes! Expect amazing marshmallow shakes, s’mores hot chocolate, Hoqwarts Butterbeer and more (vote on which drink you want below)! My first drink is the most famous and loved Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte! It has an amazing pumpkin flavor combined with warm cinnamon spices and topped with a mountain of whipped cream–It almost tastes like a pumpkin gingerbread man! In the spirit of the upcoming presidential election, please make sure to vote for the next featured beverage!! (Perhaps I will make either a red or a blue themed dessert based on which candidate wins!) Enjoy!!

Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Latte 

BEST Snickerdoodle Cookies

The cookie monster is correct to believe that “A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand”! But, as my Chocolate Chip Cookies have become my baking “specialty”, I have also become a very discriminating cookie aficionado; the perfect cookie must be soft, sweet, and chewy, melting in your mouth upon first bite. And, since cookies are both my mom’s and my best friend’s dessert of choice, I’ve made quite a lot of cookies in my years. Especially on a day like today, while I’m sick in bed with a red-like-Rudolph nose, a warm cookie from the oven and a tall glass of ice cold milk sound absolutely A-MAZING! Whoever claimed that Oreos are milk’s favorite cookie certainly hasn’t tasted these outstanding snickerdoodle cookies! The cookie is unbelievably soft, yet cakey ,and the cinnamon sugar coating adds such a delightful fall-time warmth! These snickerdoodles are heaven in a cookie, and interestingly enough, the origin of their arbitrary name remains a mystery to this day! Enjoy!!!

Recipe: Perfect Snickerdoodle Cookies

***NOTE: To form a perfectly round, bakery-style cookie, I use a mini ice cream scooper to portion and shape the cookie dough.


Iced Cinnabon Pancakes

I’ve always passed by the mouthwatering Cinnabon stand in the food court, but I’ve never actually eaten a Cinnabon! Although, I have eaten my fair share of cinnamon rolls! While in elementary school, my mom would make slice ‘n bake cinnamon rolls every night (the closest to home-made baking she’ll ever get) an my friends would insist on having sleepovers at my house so we could snack on these fantastic goodies before bed! But now for a sweet and gooey breakfast, these cinnamon bun pancakes are sososo finger-licking delicious! Besides the perfect combination of vanilla pancakes and  sweet cinnamon swirls, what makes this breakfast treat so delicious is how the  swirl becomes a caramelized, chewy crunch all topped with  a magnificent icing glaze! Everyone in the house on Sunday morning, myself included, can proudly declare that these are the best pancakes ever made, because as Cinnabon says “life needs frosting“! Enjoy!!!

Recipe: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake

It might just be my Polish blood, but my all-time favorite baked treats are streusel/coffee cake desserts! There’s something SO delicious about a scrumptious slice of cinnamon pound cake in the morning; it’s the most fabulous breakfast to start off the day!  Although I prefer tea with my piece, this coffee cake loaf is so irresistibly moist and yummy!! My dad especially loves this nostalgic, tasty dessert because it was his dad’s specialty from Europe! Enjoy!!! It’s delicious!

Recipe: Cinnamon Loaf

***NOTE: To add a layer of streusel crumble on top, simply sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon, brown sugar, and a little flour on the loaf before baking.