Cinnamon Rolls (Guest Post)

I’m happy to introduce Arianna from The After School Chef, a fellow high school baker and blogger! Along with our love of baking, Arianna and I share many things like being vegetarian, loving exercise, and many other traits. Please visit her amazing blog for more recipes and beautiful pictures!

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Iced Cinnabon Pancakes

I’ve always passed by the mouthwatering Cinnabon stand in the food court, but I’ve never actually eaten a Cinnabon! Although, I have eaten my fair share of cinnamon rolls! While in elementary school, my mom would make slice ‘n bake cinnamon rolls every night (the closest to home-made baking she’ll ever get) an my friends would insist on having sleepovers at my house so we could snack on these fantastic goodies before bed! But now for a sweet and gooey breakfast, these cinnamon bun pancakes are sososo finger-licking delicious! Besides the perfect combination of vanilla pancakes and  sweet cinnamon swirls, what makes this breakfast treat so delicious is how the  swirl becomes a caramelized, chewy crunch all topped with  a magnificent icing glaze! Everyone in the house on Sunday morning, myself included, can proudly declare that these are the best pancakes ever made, because as Cinnabon says “life needs frosting“! Enjoy!!!

Recipe: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes