Cookie Dough Blondie-Brownies

Summer School week 4: Brownies. Brownies are always a never-fail crowd pleaser! Although I keep getting requests to make my World’s Best Brownies for my physics class, I wanted to experiment with a new brownie recipe. Personally I LOVE blondie-type bars, like my M&M Cookie Bars, so I was so excited to find a Blondie-Brownie recipe that combines the best of both worlds; It’s a fudgy chocolate brownie on top with a layer of sweet blondie perfection on the bottom. These brownie bars were crowned “Best Brownie” by my class, and my mom swears they are are “to die for”!!! Enjoy!!

Recipe: Blondie-Brownies

AMAZING M&M Cookie Bars (Updated)

These M&M Cookie Bars are heavenly. They are like sweet, chewy, buttery cookies in bar form, just begging to be devoured. Because I LOVE Martha Stewart’s chewy chocolate chip cookies SO much, I wanted to try out  these amazingly delicious blondie cookie bars. Feel free to add your own toppings! (Try out using M&M’s, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, nuts, candy pieces, or even plain!) Don’t blink; these bars will be gone within seconds…they are a crowd (and personal!) favorite!!!

Recipe (for the dough)Soft and Chewy Cookies (See directions  below…)

Make cookie dough as directed. Place dough in pirex (spray with baking pam) and bake until the dough becomes shiny and slightly firm (about 7-10 minutes). Sprinkle M&M’s over dough (or chocolate chips, etc…) and bake until brown. The dough should appear firm and cooked, but a toothpick should NOT come out totally dry (about 25-30 min). DO NOT OVER BAKE because the bars will solidify!!! Again, DO. NOT. OVER. BAKE. Take out the bars and let the dough sit to cool. Cut into bars and pour yourself a tall glass of milk. Enjoy!!!