Liebster Blog Award

liebster-blog-awardThank you so much, Just Enough Sugar and Daisy and the Fox for the Liebster Blog Award! I really appreciate your generous nominations! Also a thank you to my followers and anyone who reads At350Degrees; it means so much to hear all of your fabulous feedback and support! Continue reading

Addictive Blog Award (& Behind the Blog!)

I would like to thank Them three pees for this fantastic award nomination! I am so honored and so touched! I love sharing my  baking experiments with all of you and I would love to hear feedback about the recipes! It’s fabulous to be able to share my passion of baking with such lovely followers, a passion I will continue to have my whole life. But let’s get back to the beginning and discover the history/inspiration behind at350degrees:

My whole life, I’ve loved expressing my creativity while giving back to others. This first appeared early in my childhood through my art; even in pre-school, I would insist on drawing pictures instead of running around on the playground. This past year, as a serious high school student, I was so busy with academics and extracurriculars, that I had very little time to do activities that I truly enjoyed. I suddenly realized how much I enjoyed baking in what little time I did have to spare, a hobby that I had been practicing often for family dinners and advisory snacks for school. So then came my idea: why not combine my love of baking and expression through writing to share with the world!? This idea came to me during Spring Break, my time to start getting serious about studying for AP courses, so I forced myself to complete the year before starting my blog in order to avoid procrastination. Eventually, summer finally drew near and it was time to kick off my blog! I created the name of my blog “at 350 degrees” as a subtle play with words; a true baker knows that the standard degrees for baking is 350 (F), but from a grueling year of AP Chem, my inner scientist appreciated the chemical reactions at work at that key temperature. And so at350degrees was born, and the blogging era began….

**Fun fact: Because I have always been interested in health and nutrition, I initially intended my blog to feature healthy, “guilt-free” desserts. I played with different recipes for about a month to create “skinny” versions of my favorite desserts, but I must admit that nothing compares to the real thing! So for now, expect sugar, butter, and gooey chocolate galore!

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10 Bloggers:

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Inspiring Blog Award

Erin’s DC Kitchen, thank you for nominating me for the the Inspiring Blog Award; I am so happy that you would think of me! I am honored to receive this award and I am thankful to have such great supporters who love baking as much as I do! Thank you! :)

Award Rules:

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7 Facts:

  1. My younger sister and I could not be more different; she dreams of becoming a famous pop singer, while I’m set on becoming a plastic surgeon.
  2. I would be lost without post-its and Bic plastic pens! (The black pens are my good luck charms on tests!)
  3. Instead of watching Spongebob or Tom & Jerry on television, I used to watch open heart surgeries and brain biopsies.
  4. I know every Greek mythology story by heart! I used to beg my dad to read them to me before bed every night.
  5. My best friend and I have known each other for over 10 years…We’re family by now!
  6. My TV guilty pleasures are Grey’s Anatomy and True Blood. The marathons are so addicting!
  7. My baking motto: You can’t go wrong with some butter and Paula Deen!

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Sunshine Award

Lianne, thank you again for the Sunshine Award nomination!! I so flattered and so appreciative to receive this award; it’s a true honor! I am so grateful to have such fantastic followers to share my recipes with! Happy baking and enjoy!

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7 Facts:

  1. My favorite type of book is historical fiction.
  2. I feel bare without a pedicure, but my fingernails are never painted… they get in the way of  baking!
  3. I love fairies! I used to draw pictures of them on my friends’ birthday cards.
  4. Nothing makes me feel happier than re-organizing my bedroom and bookshelves!
  5. I have a map in my room with red pushpins on every country I’ve visited.
  6. While walking home from morning workouts, I always stop by Trader Joe’s so I’m just in time for breakfast tasters!
  7. Although I don’t remember phone numbers or birthdays, I do know everyones’ favorite type of dessert!

15 Blogs:

Versatile Blogger Award

Lianne  and Learn to use the Kitchen, thank you so incredibly much for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I really, really appreciate it and I am so happy to know that people enjoy reading my blog. When I started at350degrees, I could never have imagined to have so many fantastic followers or expect how much I love sharing my recipes with all of you! Thank you for all of your support and stay tuned for more!

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  3. Tell 7 things about yourself.
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7 Facts:

  1. I’m a true Taurus, loyal and determined.
  2. My bedroom is filled with sweet, vanilla scented candles…they remind me of baking!
  3. I can usually guess what country someone is from by their accent and dress. (It’s a hobby learned from listening to my cousins, who live in more than 7 countries around the world!)
  4. I’ve always been a perfectionist. My pre-school teacher thought something was wrong with me when I insisted on finishing my artwork before playing tag with the other kids.
  5. I must drink about 6 cups of tea a day. I’m addicted, just like my dad!
  6. I’ve taken art classes since before I could talk. I see cakes as blank canvases waiting to be adorned.
  7. My favorite quotation that I live by: “Follow your bliss.”

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