Chocolate Angel Food Cake


With recent Thanksgiving and Hanukkah celebrations, I’ve eaten way too much food in the past week than can be healthy for anyone. So if you’re like me, you’re in need of a serious detox. This Chocolate Angel Food cake is anything less than delicious, but it’s certainly a lighter recipe with fewer calories! (Hooray!)  Continue reading

Angel Food Cake

IMG_6245Just looking at my latest Memorial Day BBQ Recipe Roundup post made my eyes full! Although I do love my share of sugar, chocolate, cookies, and cakes, I was in the mood for something lighter, like a classic Angel Food Cake. Not only is it one of my mom’s favorite cakes but it is also my best friend’s dad’s dessert of choice, a usual guest at our family events like our recent barbecue. (If you’ve read more of my recipe posts, you’ll discover that my mom has many “favorite” desserts.) This recipe was pretty intricate because a traditional Angel Food cake is so perfectly light from its fluffy batter, which must be handled gently, similar to that of a souffle. Continue reading