Lemon Meringue Pie (or Tart)


When I started At350Degrees about a year ago, my grandpa bought me a flambe torch as a “housewarming” gift; its very first job: a gorgeous Lemon Meringue Pie. Originally, I made this pie for my second dessert post, but because I accidentally burned the meringue and the pictures weren’t quite up to par, I decided to remake it. And this time around, the pie had to be great. I used this outstanding recipe with a creamy lemon filling and luscious whipped cream-like meringue. Continue reading

Rocky Road Pie


Rocky Road is both my mom’s and my grandpa’s favorite flavor of ice cream. Personally, I’ve never tried this chocolate, nut, marshmallow mix because I’m more of a vanilla ice cream type of girl, but that rich, campfire-like combination does seem pretty mouthwatering to me! And because it was recently pie, or “Pi”, season, it seemed fitting to adapt this classic flavor to a delicious pie. (Check out last year’s Pi Day dessert: a quick and easy Chocolate Pudding Pie!) Continue reading

Cloud Nine Coconut Pecan Pie (GUEST POST!)


I’ve teamed up with Dru, a fellow high schooler, from Teenage Cakeland to bring you two guest posts (one on my blog, the other on hers)! You’ll soon discover that we are pretty similar bakers, so please visit her fantastic blog for more posts and check out her recipe below for this delicious Cloud Nine Coconut Pecan Pie! Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving quotation: “Produce great pumpkins, the pies will follow later.” -Anonymous

Well, I guess the pies did follow; since the Pilgrims gave us pumpkins, it was surely just inevitable that we made pies! (But, a true history buff knows that pumpkins were really just part of the traditional diet of Squanto and his tribe!) This is the first Thanksgiving that I am not home to celebrate (and bake!) because I am visiting my grandmother in Argentina, so our usual Thanksgiving dinner crowd will be missing out on our monstrous spread of food, and of course the desserts! Continue reading

Banana Pudding Pie

Greetings from New York! I’m visiting the “big apple” for my  cousin’s wedding,  and on the way my family and I are continuing our college visits!  Today we met my friend who attends Columbia, a math-loving biochem major, and inspired my quotation of the day: Pi is an “irrational number.” [But] Pie is irrationally delicious, especially with ice cream.”-fakeapstylebook. Because I think we all rather receive a sweet slice of pie (aka a slice of heaven!)  than a trigonometric function worksheet, here’s an amazing Banana Pudding Pie recipe to enjoy! I initially wanted to bake an original Banana Cream pie with vanilla wafers and custard, but I sort of made up this version from the ingredients in my house. My sister’s favorite part, the crust, was soo especially sensational because I coated it with a layer of delicious chocolate that added a KitKat-like crunch! The vanilla and chocolate fillings made the pie even more flavorful and addicting! Even my friend who is a health nut and picky eater indulged in a slice of pie, which he absolutely loved… and so will you! Enjoy!!!

Recipe: banana cream pie

***NOTE: I love making pies because you can be completely creative without worrying about the typical baking rules. Like my Chocolate Pudding Pie, you can simply combine (instant)  pudding, cool whip, and any fillings  of choice to create an unbelievably easy dessert that everyone will love!

Apple Tarte Tatin (Watch out, Julia Child!)

Bonjour, everyone! I’m home from France with a souvenir for all of you to enjoy: a magnificent Apple Tarte Tatin! Ironically enough, I watched the movie “Julie and Julia” on my plane ride back home, and as Julia Child’s most famous French dessert, it is only fitting that I bake a tarte tatin in honor of one of France’s best known pastries. An Apple Tarte Tatin, my dad’s all-time favorite dessert, makes a fantastic home-baked delicacy that fills the house with the sweet smell of baking apples and caramel!  When the apples caramelize in the pan, they form a sweet syrup that creates a delicious coat around the tart. The tarte tatin is so surprisingly simple to make; you’ll only need a skillet and four ingredients! Paired with a flaky crust and vanilla ice cream (a la mode is a must!), this dessert is totally irresistible! Bon appetit!!

Recipe: Apple Tarte Tatin

**NOTE: Watching your diet? A trick I like to indulge in is freezing Cool Whip to scoop like ice cream; serve  it with a slice of Tarte Tatin and you’ll never miss the “a la mode” appeal!

Chocolate Pudding Pie (QUICK & EASY!!)

Last night, when I should’ve been studying for a a physics test and completing hours of SAT prep, my sister informed me that I was signed up to make a home-made Chocolate Cream Pie for her class’ celebration of Pi Day! (Don’t ask me why their party is in the middle of summer instead of 3/14, actual Pi Day!) I had absolutely zero time to spare,  so I put together a super quick and easy Chololate Pudding Pie, a miraculous savior to any baker keeping a close eye on the clock!! This semi-homemade recipe could not be simpler; it’s just a graham cracker (or Oreo!) crust with a chocolate pudding filling. Topped with pretty cool whip rosettes and mini chocolate chips, no one will ever guess how easy this pie was to make! Enjoy!!!

Recipe: Cool Whip Chocolate Pudding Pie Recipe 

Mom’s Peach Pie

Dear Mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :) Today my cousin and I spent 6 hours in the kitchen cooking a gourmet birthday feast in honor of my gorgeous and amazing mom! The dinner was tasty and delicious, and dessert was even better: fresh Peach Pie and chocolate covered strawberries! This pie the perfect birthday present: a sweet and gooey peach filling paired with the flakiest, most tender pie crust in the world! This homemade pie is so outstanding that  you will be licking your plates clean!! Enjoy!

Recipe: Lattice-top Peach Pie

***NOTE: This recipe is rather time consuming, but TOTALLY worth it. If you’re looking for a simpler peach dessert, I suggest Paula Deen’s Peach Tart. (It’s a peach tart–not a pie–but still a delicious peach dessert to try!)

Southern Pecan Pie

My dad crowned this Southern Pecan Pie “the best EVER“. It’s absolutely perfect: not too nutty and not overly sticky. Ice cream/whipped cream is definitely a must for this old-fashioned pie; place it in the fridge and it will  taste like a sweet, gooey maple ice-cream sundae! I must say, my family usually devours our Sunday night desserts, but this pie vanished before we even sat down for dinner! I guess the pie was pretty good! :)

Recipe: Southern Pecan Pie