Red Velvet Cake


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! On a day like today, I’m going to reference the words of one of my favorite actresses, Emma Stone: “you’re a human being, and life is wonderful, so eat the damn red velvet cupcake.” And she’s right! Even out of all the fancy layer cakes, red velvet is definitely my flavor of choice and what’s even more exciting is that it’s a Paula Deen recipe, which means it must be utterly delicious! The typical red velvet recipe still sounds a little strange to me (with its classic buttermilk and bicarb/vinegar reaction), but take a leap of faith on this one because the rewards are truly unbelievable! The frosting is creamy and sweet while the cake is rich, moist, and ah-maxingly delicious! (It tasted freshly baked 5 days afterwards, and I’m sure it would’ve lasted longer had I not eaten all of the cake by then!) Despite its delicious taste, the cake is a gorgeous show-stopper and will impress everyone; not to my surprise, an enormous amount of people requested for me to make it again. This incredible cake is an absolute must-bake! I know you will enjoy it!!

Recipe: Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting Paula Deen has a few red velvet recipes, but this one’s my favorite. For a cake like mine, use three round cake pans instead of cupcake trays. (PS: Trust the food coloring in the recipe. For some reason, the pictures make the cake appear more orange than it actually was.)IMG_8894IMG_8896IMG_8924

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