Graham Cracker Chip Blondies


Why eat cookies when you can eat cookie bars? (Well, cookie-like blondie bars!) These graham cracker blondies remind me of my amazing Cookie Bar recipe; they’re both sweet, chewy, and delicious! Along with the rich vanilla flavor, I love this recipe because you can be very creative with the additives. I used graham crackers, chocolate chips, and walnuts, but you can use absolutely anything you think of. Plus, you can also control how brownie-like or cookie-like you want the blondies to be by adjusting the baking time. This recipe is certainly one to play with and enjoy with a tall glass of milk!

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Graham Cracker Blondies


13 thoughts on “Graham Cracker Chip Blondies

  1. oh yum! have always loved blondies–better than cookies, really. So gooey. And there just seems more to them than cookies. Thanks for the recipe :-) Graham crackers are a brilliant addition.

  2. I love the idea of using graham crackers as a crunchy add-in for blondies! I have a tree nut allergy so I often have to leave out the ingredients meant to add crunch. Graham crackers with vanilla blondie flavor sounds great! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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