Cinnamon Toast

IMG_8401My favorite part of winter break is waking up late to enjoy leisurely breakfasts, my all-time favorite meal! I  love eating breakfast foods at all times of the day, so naturally I was attracted to this delectable Cinnamon Toast recipe that I found recently. Because there’s no better time for a midnight snack than between writing an endless amount of college essays, this sweet treat tasted especially delicious! The cinnamon flavor reminds me of a Pillsbury cinnamon roll (of course, this has fewer calories) and also infuses some holiday apple-cider-like warmth. It is such a quick and easy dish to prepare, my younger sister, who hates baking or cooking, made them for herself the next day. Any bread would work for this recipe, but I’m sure it would taste even more extraordinary on challah or brioche! Enjoy!

Recipe: Cinnamon Toast Recipe

IMG_8398 IMG_8401 IMG_8406

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