Chocolate Peppermint Surprise Cookies


When I first started “At 350 Degrees”, my mom made a WordPress account so she could comment on my recipe posts. Her account picture was  a gorgeous, half-eaten stack of these chocolate peppermint surprise cookies. I had shown her the recipe because I knew, from her love of Peppermint Patties, of her favorite flavor combination: chocolate and mint. Over a year later, I finally made this recipe because I thought they would be perfect for the holiday season. I’m usually not a fan of mint desserts, but, surprisingly, I could not eat enough of these cookies! The cookie itself is a delicious, soft, and amazingly flavored dough that tastes similar to an Oreo cookie. Plus, the white chocolate drizzle definitely adds to the taste and the sprinkled crushed peppermint gives an extra decorative crunch. Even if you don’t like Thin Mints, you must give this fantastic, extremely mouth-watering and addicting recipe a try! You could even customize this recipe by instead stuffing the dough with other treats like Reese’s, Oreos, or any candy of choice. Enjoy!!

Recipe: Double Chocolate Cookies with a Peppermint Patty Surprise

IMG_8338 IMG_8346IMG_8344

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