Chocolate Hazelnut French Macarons (Penn Appetit #2!)


During the summer, my  Brownie Skillet Cake was featured on University of Pennsylvania’s student-run food magazine Penn Appetit. Today, I’m very excited to announce my second submission: Chocolate Hazelnut French Macarons. This dessert contains a huge “wow”-factor, so check out the delicious post below!


No dessert is as sophisticated or as technical as a perfectly crafted French macaron. And finally, for my friend’s birthday, I decided rise up to the challenge. It’s true that these cookies are pretty tricky to make, but after diligently watching a few YouTube videos, I was ready for battle. Patience is certainly required to achieve this ideal sandwich, but with their shiny shells and puffed “feet,” they were incredibly delicious and extremely rewarding. Their chocolate hazelnut flavor is absolutely phenomenal, and honestly, filling them purely with Nutella would taste just as good! For you fearless chefs out there, give this recipe a try; you’re not a daring baker unless you’ve conquered the French macaron!

See the recipe on Penn AppetitChocolate Hazelnut Macarons|Penn Appétit

**NOTE: Watch the YouTube video below to learn how I was able to easily make these macarons!

IMG_7768IMG_7770 IMG_7783

22 thoughts on “Chocolate Hazelnut French Macarons (Penn Appetit #2!)

  1. They look beautiful. I love making macarons. People adore them. Gesine Bullock-Prado’s recipe is easy to follow as well. I don’t believe there’s a video. But it’s my go-to. Nutella as a filling is something I need to try next. :)

    • Sorry I can’t help you out in finding mnoarcas in Boston but YOU MUST TRY them!!! They are sooo light and airy and almondy delicious!!! This chart makes me want to go buy all the different kinds and try them out or maybe make them! I’ve only made the pistachio kind before but I am planning on making lots lots more in the near future and I need to master making them look pretty too!!! I spotted a kind of gross one on this chart, black licorice.. ewww why would they make such a flavor?? I guess someone in the world likes it though . hehehe. I really hope you find some of these lovelies!!

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