Cinnamon Sugar Mandel Bread (Almond Biscotti)


In celebration of Jewish New Year this month, I went back to the basics to make traditional cinnamon sugar mandel bread (aka mandelbrot).  Every year, I would eagerly wait for my cousin in Chicago to send them to us in the mail, reserving a whole bag just for myself! A few years later, I tried baking these cookies myself, and I realized how similar they are to an Italian biscotti in flavor, texture, and recipe. So, if you liked my previous Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti or Double Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti posts, this is the recipe for you! I kept my cookies simple and only added silvered almonds to the batter, but dried fruits, other nuts, or chocolate chips are certainly delicious additives, too!  Like a biscotti, the recipe for mandel requires you to bake the cookies twice–once as a long, twice as individual slivers–so it’s very easy to control how chewy or how crunchy you would like yours to be. Because they tend to be crispier snack cookies, they pair perfectly with a glass of milk, coffee, or tea…so grab your favorite mug and enjoy!!!

Recipe: Traditional Jewish Mandelbrot (Mandel Bread)


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