Chocolate Ganache Stout Cake


Surprise!…Here’s a full-sugar, chocolate-coated dessert to enjoy: an incredibly tall and delicious Chocolate Ganache Stout Cake! I recently started incorporating liquor in some of my desserts, like in a Butter Rum Cake (recipe coming soon!) and this very tasty chocolate cake. (Don’t worry–the alcohol cooks off.) Using stout in this cake adds a richer, deeper dimension to the chocolate without making it seem too heavy. With a unique flavor, this cake is ultra moist and very light, a perfect match for the velvety chocolate ganache frosting! And as a dark chocolate ganache layer cake is my chocolate cake of choice, this dessert was an obvious favorite of mine! Enjoy!

Recipe: 3 Layer Guinness – Chocolate Cake

***Note: This recipe is huge! I would even suggest cutting the recipe in half to make a slightly shorter layer cake.

IMG_6539 IMG_6556 IMG_6551

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