Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies


Hi, my name is Carissa and I’m an Oreo addict. I mean, what would be the point of frozen yogurt if you couldn’t drown swirls of vanilla bean froyo in crushed Oreos?! These cookie’s facts really are fun because I love looking at each country’s own special Oreo flavors like China’s Green Tea Oreos, Argentina’s Oreo Alfajors, and Mexico’s Oreo Trio Chocolates. I honestly don’t know what makes an Oreo so delicious, but to make me stray away from my strict acceptance of only soft and chewy cookies, an Oreo must be something specialThe only thing that could ever be more delicious than an Oreo itself is a combination of my two favorite cookies, an Oreo + chewy chocolate chip cookie hybrid. Oh, and it’s beyond amazing! Imagine a perfectly tender, sweet vanilla cookie with Oreo chunks layered between bites of mini chocolate chips. It’s heaven in a cookie! I don’t even have words to describe how fantastic this cookie really is; you just have to try it for yourself! I know that you’ll enjoy this recipe, so go ahead and get baking…the kitchen awaits!

Recipe: Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (I used about 1 cup of  mini chocolate chips and added about 1-2 cups of crushed Oreos)

IMG_6024IMG_6056 IMG_6047

9 thoughts on “Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Whaaaa?? Umm… are these even legal? Because they look WAY too delicious. Like, they might be in danger of inciting riots or something. I had better just confiscate all the evidence for the safety of everyone one else.
    But seriously, these look sooo good! I’m trying these this weekend… Sunday Funday, indeed! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

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