Almond Joy Baked Oatmeal


It seems like it’s been a while since I’ve posted because I just got back from a summer program at Yale!  Now that I’m back home and ready to celebrate the final month of summer, you can expect a bunch of dessert recipes coming your way this upcoming August! Most of my stay in New Haven was characterized by innumerable frozen yogurt runs to escape sweltering heat, humidity, and  non air-conditioned dorm rooms, but now I can also say that I definitely understand the “Freshman 15”…huge buffets for every meal make cookies, pasta, and vanilla almond granola just an extra scoop away. But now that I’m back (with some added pre-college padding) you might be noticing some more healthy dessert and breakfast recipe postings, but don’t worry, I won’t hold back on my usual indulgent, Paula Deen style recipes! Anyways, immediately after returning home from the airport, my family’s first meal is always some sort of breakfast food no matter the time of day. My dad usually goes for eggs, my mom and my sister for cereal, and I for oatmeal, so I thought this Chocolate Chip Coconut Baked Oatmeal would be a perfect welcome home! Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipes, including this one, are absolutely delicious because all of her baked oatmeal recipes taste like cake…remember her Baked Banana Bread Oatmeal! This Coconut Cookie Dough Oatmeal, as she calls it, is absolutely outstanding; garnishes like extra chocolate chips, coconut flakes, and coconut milk (a new delicious treat that I’ve recently discovered!) are certainly not necessary, but they do indeed add some extra sweetness and texture to an already delicious breakfast, snack, or even dessert. Also, did I mention that this is a super low calorie, guilt-free treat?…How much more perfect could it be?! Enjoy!!

Recipe: Coconut Cookie Dough OatmealIMG_6691IMG_6700IMG_6720

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