Brownie Skillet Cake (Penn Appetit!)


I’m so excited to post this recipe not only because its incredibly delicious but also because it’s featured on University of Pennsylvania’s online food magazine, Penn Appetit! You can see my post on their site, or view the recipe below. Enjoy!!

Many sushi restaurants have a slim dessert menu of ice cream, mochi ice cream, or the occasional chocolate molten cake served with ice cream. As an ice cream fan myself, I kudos their selective menu only open to the most delicious desserts. Ice cream is good, but a la mode certainly is the way to go…that is, brownie skillet cake a la mode. This molten chocolate cake tastes like a giant brownie that can be made just by using a brownie mix. Usually, I don’t endorse baking from mixes, especially from cake mixes, but brownies are my exception to the rule. Feel like an accomplished pastry chef and bake a homemade gooey chocolate explosion, or use your box-opening skills to follow Sandra Lee’s “semi-homemade” recipe trend. Either way, this brownie skillet cake is so delicious and addicting that it cannot disappoint. For bonus points, serve warm with your favorite ice cream and I promise your skillet will be clean in seconds!

Recipe: Skillet BrowniesIMG_2957IMG_2963IMG_2970

17 thoughts on “Brownie Skillet Cake (Penn Appetit!)

  1. These look yummy and I can turn them into a diabetic friendly dessert with minimum change. I love it when a blogger presents ideas so sinfully delicious looking and know that when my guests leave the table – there will have been something delightful for everyone including myself.

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