Angel Food Cake

IMG_6245Just looking at my latest Memorial Day BBQ Recipe Roundup post made my eyes full! Although I do love my share of sugar, chocolate, cookies, and cakes, I was in the mood for something lighter, like a classic Angel Food Cake. Not only is it one of my mom’s favorite cakes but it is also my best friend’s dad’s dessert of choice, a usual guest at our family events like our recent barbecue. (If you’ve read more of my recipe posts, you’ll discover that my mom has many “favorite” desserts.) This recipe was pretty intricate because a traditional Angel Food cake is so perfectly light from its fluffy batter, which must be handled gently, similar to that of a souffle. I used a typical tube pan as my cake mold, one of my latest baking gadgets, and the cake expanded enormously in the oven! In order to keep the cake tall, make sure to cool it upside down…that way, you’ll preserve the beautiful Angel Food picture-perfect image! The vanilla cake itself was amazing, especially with berries and whipped cream, or my favorite, cool whip! This delectable cake makes a great party treat and also happens to be not so damaging to your blood sugar levels! Enjoy…this cake really is delicious!!

Recipe: Angel Food Cake 101

**NOTE: This angel food recipe is delicious and easy to follow with the step-by-step pictures, but I honestly I suggest saving yourself the trouble and considering just using a cake mix…you get the same home-baked feeling without time-consuming steps and without using a store-bought cake!….BUT, if you feel like a daring baker and decide to make the full recipe, make sure to let the cake cool upside down!!!

IMG_6230 IMG_6251IMG_6245

14 thoughts on “Angel Food Cake

  1. yes, good advice–let the cake cool upside down! I’m all for baking from scratch, but your advice is sound. It’s a dozen eggs (and the time spent separating whites from yolks) wasted if things don’t go well. Of course yours turned out brilliantly :-)

    • That part was tricky because all recipes say not to grease the pan! I used a (spring form) tube pan, which is typical for baking angel food cakes, let it cool completely, and then ran a knife around the edges

  2. That looks lovely! I’m not much of a baker (I can do a good pizza dough and make a mean focaccia) so it’s good to know that angel food is a bit of a process. If nothing else, though, it is an excellent vehicle for macerated berries, which might be my favorite thing about summertime.

  3. Awesome! Angelfood cake has been my bday choice for as long as I can remember (accept for a period of a few years in which I preferred DQ ice cream cakes…). And yes, in terms of the blood sugar I remember that my dad would always eat this cake too, even though he’s an insulin-dependent diabetic! So, good stuff! Also, I have a debate going with a friend as to the pronunciation, I call it Angelfood Cake and she always would say it like “Angel Foodcake” emphasizing the last two words. How do you emphasize it?

    • Yum, the ice cream cake sounds pretty good to me too, as long as it has Oreos! I call it “Angelfood Cake”, like you do…I haven’t heard anyone else pronounce it the other way!

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