Harry Potter Butterbeer


On my first drink recipe, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, a poll asked what drink recipe you wanted next, so here it is by popular demand: Harry Potter Butterbeer straight from Hogwarts! I’ve always loved Harry Potter (they are the only movies that I can watch more than once!) maybe because of my love of fairies and magic, so I was very excited and curious to try this recipe! I had imagined Butterbeer to taste overly sweet and buttery, but it was actually pretty tasty; it reminded me of a creamy apple cider. I found an entertaining and creative YouTube series called Feast of Fiction that recreates food from fictional movies, games, etc (Check out the video below!). They feature three Butterbeer recipes–a cold, slushie, and hot version—but the hot drink is by far the best! Enjoy!!

IMG_3013IMG_3021 IMG_3001

13 thoughts on “Harry Potter Butterbeer

  1. Yaaay! My mom made me butterbeer for my birthday a couple of years ago and I LOVED it! I would like to try making it myself. And I would really like to try it at Harry Potter world someday!

  2. I love Harry Potter too! even more than my kids. The butter beer sounds really good, I always wondered about it. I wish I would have seen this before the holidays, but I will save it for next year. Maybe Halloween!

    • Awesome blog! I`m really happy I came upon it I esleliacpy loved reading about your Scotland adventures! I`m a travel agent and it I found it was fun and helpful. Are you from Burlington? I`m from Montreal and usually go once or twice to Burlington in the summer by boat. Love it there! Anyways just wanted to congrats you on your blog. I`m just starting off in the blog world and your work really inspires me. Keep it up!

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