Nutella Crepes


It’s Winter Break!!!! Yay! (Now finals will no longer mandate my 2-week break from posting recipes!) I don’t know what’s more exciting: 1) that I’m on vacation or 2) that yesterday was the first time I tried Nutella! My friend Gemma swears by this delicious chocolate topping as she eats it from the jar in spoonfuls, but for some reason I’ve never tasted it before…a surprise, considering my dessert obsession! So, what better way to celebrate such a magical chocolate spread than making French crepes!? Although crepes have always intimidated me because they are so thin and delicate, I decided to make them because I also wanted to try filling them with dulce de leche, my dad’s favorite Argentinian caramel (recipe coming soon). I discovered an amazing “foolproof” crepe recipe and I actually found making crepes even easier (and way faster) than making pancakes! I love crepes because you can be so creative in serving them; add your own variation of fillings from Nutella, to strawberries, to bananas and whipped cream! Enjoy!!

Recipe: Foolproof Crepes


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14 thoughts on “Nutella Crepes

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  2. crepes are good for more than just breakfast. try them with some scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon – or just wrapped up with some sliced turkey and cheese. Yummy, not as filling as bread.
    thanks for following my blog and the like – I can see that your blog is going to be just delicious to browse through!

  3. Wow, those look great. I’ve been intimidated by them too. But always remember Julia Child and her advice on flipping food – “be fearless!”. I love Nutella, so I may just need to try this.

  4. Yum… this looks absolutely delicious! I love Nutella and have a major addiction to chocolate of any sort. I might need to try this at home, and maybe add some bananas and raspberries!! (that way I can say it’s healthy… it has fruit)

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