Peppermint Hot Chocolate


‘Tis the season! What better way to welcome December than with an inviting and delicious mug of peppermint hot chocolate! According to Foodimentary, December 3rd is National Peppermint Latte Day, but in honor of the true holiday spirit I decided to ditch the caffeine because, after all, hot cocoa is Santa‘s favorite drink! These past three days have been nothing but gloom and rain (a rare occurrence in sunny Southern California!) and I’ll I’ve wanted to do is sit in bed with a warm drink and watch movies with my dog! Sadly, I didn’t have the luxury of skipping school, so I made this festive hot chocolate to lift my spirits–the reindeer mug certainly helped! I love hot chocolate anyways, but the peppermint adds an icy-warmth that gives the drink its amazing holiday twist! To me, hot chocolate is never complete without its traditional whipped cream topping, but this seasonal version called for special condiments; I added mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and of course crushed candy canes to create the ultimate Christmas touch! (All that’s missing is a Starbucks holiday snowflake cup!) I dare you to try swapping this treat for your daily morning coffee…Enjoy!

Recipe:Peppermint Hot Chocolate

***NOTE: While searching for recipes, I cam across this neat trick to keep your whipped cream intact by making Frozen Whipped Cream Dollops. I’m going to try this technique on the next drink, but if you try making them first, I’d love to know how they turn out!


10 thoughts on “Peppermint Hot Chocolate

      • i live in Southeast Missouri and the prices on your list blew me away! I never reeazild how much more expensive things could be! Eggs went to $1.29 a dozen recently and I was shocked. I was used to paying less than a buck, and can still buy them from a local farmer for a dollar a dozen. My list would look similar except with the lower prices here i’m sure I could get more. Eggs-$1.30milk (skim, gallon)-$3.60all purpose flour- $1.50/5 lbsbaking powder- $1.30salt- $0.50pepper- $1.40sugar- $2.50/4lbspotatoes/10lbs-$3.00rice/2lbs-$2.00dried beans/great northern/2lbs-$2.00canned tomatoes/4 cans- $2.00shortning- $2.00cornmeal-$2.00/5lbsThese are current prices from my local aldi store. I am $0.10 over but lets pretend I found it in the cup holder. Plus I rounded up on these prices. Some examples of meals would bebuiscuitscornmeal porriagerice with beanscorn breadmashed potatoes with white gravyeggs and hashbrownIn about 4 weeks of shopping with only $25 bucks I could build a decent pantry. Thats why I went for staples and a semi bland diet the first week. Next week I would add olive oil, a roasting chicken, bananas, and cinnamon plus some of the things from last week. I have 2 light eatting girls and a husband that is only home on the weekends so obviously this is a bit easier for me. That combined with the lower prices in my area would make it easier for most. I think you are amazing especially considering the prices in your area. Oh ya in the summer I would cut cost by using fresh produce from my garden. That would definatly round out my choices. As I am trying to stay healthy the shortning I bought would be used in small amounts but I felt like it was the least expensive option for my tight budget. Thats for the post your great!

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