Paula’s Lemon Bars

I find most of my dessert recipes through intense Pinterest, Foodgawker, and blog research. Instead of Christmas wish-lists and “wanted shoes” as my  Safari bookmarks, I file over 700 recipes (and counting) into differnt bookmark menus–cakes, layer cakes, pies/tarts, bars/brownies, cookies, macarons, and “bites”. I mean business! You can certainly consider at350degrees recipes obsessively pre-scanned by a Type-A baker! Usually, I ignore big-name/Food Network chef recipes, except Martha Stewart and of course THE Paula Deen. Paula Deen is the only chef whose recipes I trust without a reference picture  because all of her recipes are incredible! To pay homage to her baking magnificence, I would post this as an early birthday present to her, but Janurary 19th is a little while away. (Yes, I know her birthday, and yes, expect an all-things-Paula birthday post!) Anyways, I had made these incredible lemon bars a while back, when I was still baking cakes from mixes, but I wanted to make them again to share with all of you. I was so surprised when I had first made them (I had never tasted lemon bars before) because these bars were so lightand tasty with a great flaky shortbread crust! They are also pretty easy to make, always a plus! Remember, the powdered sugar on top is a crucial–it’s just so pretty!! Enjoy!!

Recipe: Lemon Bars

20 thoughts on “Paula’s Lemon Bars

    • I apologize if this is a duiptcale on an older forum wasn’t sure if it was still active so I re-posted my message here.I asked a question earlier about the sequence of standards, the way they are sequenced in the CCSS document compared to the sequence that a classroom teacher might create. I do understand from page 5 that the sequence in the CCSS was not intended to be a rigid format for us to hold ourselves to. Our academic leaders have always given us given the liberty to decide what is best for the students within our classroom environment. I’d like to narrow my initial comment down to a more specific concern about the sequence of 5.NBT. Scenario: I teach 5.NBT.2 the first week, followed by 5.NBT.5-.6. Seven weeks later I teach 5.NBT.1 and 3,4,6,and 7 later on. In this case, it seems to me that NBT.1 would be a foundation that leads precedes NBT.2. The remaining standards within NBT would be at my discretion. As a classroom teacher, could you see the rationale for the sequence of NBT.2 before NBT.1? There is a lot of ground to cover with the CCSS and I want to make sure I do it justice on behalf of my students. Thank you in advance for your reply.

      • Hope you try them see what you think. I don’t like lemon things personally. But I sell desserts and I had a costumer ask for Lemon Bars. So I made this recipe and of course I have to try it before I sell it. I actually liked them. I even have a Orange Cranberry Bread that calls for the whole orange peel, pith and all (excluding seeds).

          • There’s an idea. Grind up some almonds and add it to the shortbread. Ideas..that’s how recipes are created!! :)
            I use ground Almonds and pecans in my cheese cake crusts. One time I added ground flax seed and it brought out the nutty flavor of the other two nuts. I have used it ever since.

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