Chocolate Pudding Pie (QUICK & EASY!!)

Last night, when I should’ve been studying for a a physics test and completing hours of SAT prep, my sister informed me that I was signed up to make a home-made Chocolate Cream Pie for her class’ celebration of Pi Day! (Don’t ask me why their party is in the middle of summer instead of 3/14, actual Pi Day!) I had absolutely zero time to spare,  so I put together a super quick and easy Chololate Pudding Pie, a miraculous savior to any baker keeping a close eye on the clock!! This semi-homemade recipe could not be simpler; it’s just a graham cracker (or Oreo!) crust with a chocolate pudding filling. Topped with pretty cool whip rosettes and mini chocolate chips, no one will ever guess how easy this pie was to make! Enjoy!!!

Recipe: Cool Whip Chocolate Pudding Pie Recipe 

23 thoughts on “Chocolate Pudding Pie (QUICK & EASY!!)

  1. What a wonderful sister you are! Let me guess, you’re an older sister? Sounds like something I would do for my younger sisters. :) And the pie sounds and looks fabulous. There’s is nothing wrong with easy!

      • evelina, jag unnar pe5! :) idag blir det e4ppelf6l. hm. jenny, he4rligt, hur le5ng semester har du? skanar den svenska sommaren! inser att det e4r en se5 mycket stf6rre he4ndelse ne4r sommaren bryter ut de4r e4n he4r. det e4r ju en mycket stf6rre kontrast. yaelian, det hoppas jag med! vad se4gs om en fika ne5gon ge5ng i veckan? eller ne4sta? jag e4r ju som oftast i tel aviv och har i alla fall kve4llarna fria?fru a, det har jag nog. och vem hade trott det, tja, inte jag ialla fall! det e4r ju tur att man inte e4r alltff6r ff6rutse4gbar.hanna, vad kul att du gf6r! :)annika, tack, man hoppas ju det…

  2. Everything you bake makes me drool :( I will get so fat (and it will be so worth it!!!). Swinging by to tell you I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! :) You can read about it in my entry! <3 Cheers!

  3. Delicious and you’re right, does not look like it took so little time! That reminds me of the days I used to beg my sister to braid my hair before a big school dance, at midnight. lol.

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