Chocolate Flan Cake (Chocoflan)

I’m taking requests! Next up: a twist on my dad’s childhood favorite. When he grew up in Argentina, he would eat papas fritas (french fries) and flan every day (Let’s just say he wasn’t the thinnest boy in his class). I decided to “American-ize” the traditional flan recipe by adding a layer of unbelievably moist and tasty chocolate cake. I was happy just eating the bottom cake layer!! I think this recipe is pretty cool because the chocolate cake and the flan layers flip during the baking process… some chemistry for you (the different densities of the layers cause the switch)! Anyways, this recipe is a delicious  interpretation of a classic, old-fashioned dessert! It’s even better with caramel sauce or San Ignacio Dulce de Leche from Argentina, my favorite! Enjoy!!!

Recipe: Chocoflan

50 thoughts on “Chocolate Flan Cake (Chocoflan)

  1. This recipe is a keeper. The cake layer was so delish and when you add the flan, it becomes a real WOW dessert! Thanks for sharing this one

    • Yes, a strawberry tart they can be cllaed, however flan will alway have some sort of pastry cream. Not all tarts have pastry cream. I went to pastry school that followed the French way of making all pastries and we always cllaed them flans. Flans / tarts = very yummy

    • I found this recipe and decdied to give it a try They are still drying right now, but I sneaked a taste and the peel is still so bitter. I hope the sugar will mask it! Or I just had poor oranges.

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  2. That looks awesome! I’ll have to try that next time we have company or a potluck. We live in S. Florida, and that looks like a great twist on a local classic!

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  4. Another question, what if I don’t want to make this way. Can I just bake a chocolate cake and flan separately and just stack the on each other? Sorry :)

  5. I am just the opposite of you in that I LOVE flan and the chocolate cake is just an added bonus :) But what a bonus! I have never seen a recipe like this and can’t wait until I can make this (as in, enough other people will be around that I don’t eat the whole thing). Thank you for a really special recipe! Printing and pinning NOW.

      • This is a lovely post danrilg, and I do agree with you the cake plate is lovely indeed, enjoy it in good health, may the plate be always full of sweets and delicious cakes.Wishing you a spring full of blessings.Love & HugsDuchess

  6. Hi. Thanks for following me. I’m going to try to make a lower fat version of the chocolate flan cake, since low fat is what I do. Wish me luck. I’ll post it when I try it.

  7. Sweet mother of God! This looks absolutely delish. I looooooove flan. AND chocolate cake. A combo of the two?? Be still my heart!

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