Vanilla Madeleine Cookies

Madeleines bring back nostalgic memories of Saturday afternoons at the bookstore with my dad. Every visit, I would read a colorful book about fairies while we shared madelines and vanilla haagen dazs  in the cafe upstairs. (The mini wooden spoons for the ice cream were my favorite!) Since I’m on summer break now (yay!!), I wanted to find some fun summer reads, but I suddenly realized that all of the bookstores had closed!! :( :( A kindle just doesn’t cut it; so in the spirit of tradition,  I baked these soft and light vanilla madeleine cookies. Snuggle up with a good book and your favorite hot drink– you will love this  scrumptious childhood favorite! Enjoy!

Recipe: Madeleines Recipe

4 thoughts on “Vanilla Madeleine Cookies

  1. The cookies look scrumptious! But your comment about no bookstores makes me sad–it’s so ridiculous that you can’t go to the bookstore and browse! How are you supposed to make new book friends? Still, I think that Bookstar in Studio City is still open.

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