Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Chocolate covered strawberries are my go-to dessert for a super simple, delicious, and somewhat healthy treat! I love making these sweet snacks because there’s so much flexibility; you can be creative by using different chocolates, designs, and toppings! Have fun decorating!

Recipe: Melt chocolate of choice (I use chocolate chips, but anything would work) in a heatproof bowl. Thickly spread chocolate onto strawberries. Place chocolate covered strawberries in fridge to harden slightly (about 5 min). Melt second chocolate of choice and scoop into pastry bag. Take out chilled strawberries and decorate them as desired.

***NOTE: Try chocolate-dipping all of your favorite fruits! Also try making chocolate covered graham crackers, cookies, marshmallows, or any other fun treats!

IMG_4441 IMG_4445IMG_4444

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